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Automax Robotics elevates STEM education through innovative robotics labs.

Tailoring setups to various academic levels, we provide cutting-edge kits, software, and training for hands-on learning.

Committed to excellence, the company prepares students for a future shaped by robotics and automation, embracing the latest technological advancements. 

Our Products

Robot With Different Industrial Application

  • Setting Automation
  • Integration with different module
  • Drawing Application
  • Vision application with robot
  • Customization as per customer requirement

Pneumatic Trainer Kit

  • Electro pneumatic trainer kit which can be used for interdisciplinary branches for training
  • Mitsubishi Industrial Grade PLC with 16 digital input and output
  • Compact Movable Glossy extrusion frame for component mounting
  • Poster for ISO standard valve & name tagging for each valve for better understanding

Hydraulic Trainer Kit

  • Transparent valve
  • Transparent Hose Pipe
  • Single phase power pack
  • Able to perform more than 15 practical
  • IOT Based practical perform
  • ISO Poster with nomenclature
  • Compact Movable Glossy extrusion frame for component mounting

Industry 4.0

  • Independent station
  • Sorting base on the colour, shape
  • Stations like assembly inspection and Sorting
  • Flexible in point of programming
  • HMI for monitoring system
  • IOT based

PLC HMI Trainer Kit

  • Integration of different sensor like optical proximity and inductive
  • VFD Programming with kit
  • Control of stepper motors & Servo Motor
  • HMI Designing facility
  • Easy connection and interface of kit

Lift Elevator Kit

  • Actual lift model with all component as usual
  • Transparent mechanisms for student to understand the working
  • All Logics as per the actual lift
  • Flexible in changing the program
  • IOT Based

Bottle Filling Automation

  • Industry grade automation
  • Conveyor system on Induction
  • Rotary Indexing Table
  • Process of filling, capping and dispatching

Educational Trainer Kit As
Per Requirement

  • Kits developing as per the syllabus
  • Development of kits based on requirement of customer

Industrial Grade Robot

  • Different type of robot like Cobot, Articulated, Scara as per the requirement
  • Different type of theme like assembly, Playing Games


  • Robo Dk :
  • Industry grade software
  • Real time Virtual robot simulation
  • Post processing facility
  • Canada and Europe based best technology software
  • Automation Studio :
  • Make your circuits come to life through simulation with our circuit design software

We Can Also Provide

  • Design Consultancy
  • PLC programming Consultancy

Automation Studio

● make your circuits come to life through simulation with our circuit
design software
● Libraries of thousands of 2D CAD symbols and electrical symbols
ready to simulate, sorted by technologies

ROS Kits

● Luminous can be programmed for autonomous navigation using ROS navigation
stack, which includes tools for mapping, localization, and path planning.


● Pixel can be programmed for autonomous navigation using aruco
markers, which include tools for localization, and path planning.
● You can control Luminous manually using teleoperation..

Automation Studio

● Seamlessly integrated with the Robot Operating System (ROS),
providing access to an extensive ecosystem of robotics tools,
libraries, and packages for development and control.

PLC Module Kit

● Performance of more than 20 educational experiment lists.
● Real-time simulation of the hardware.
● Compact in size
● Customizable programs
● Two Working Side
● Table mount

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